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My girlfriend dressed me in her moms clothes

When I was a Junior in high school I had a girlfriend (Nicole) who pleasured me by giving me hand jobs with her panties. Eventually I opened up and confessed to her that I liked to dress up in my mother’s lingerie and jack off. She thought that sounded really kinky and a great deal of fun so she invited me over to her house when her parents were away. The thought of wearing Nicole’s delicates consumed me to distraction.

When I got to Nicole’s on the appointed day, she took my hand and led me into her parent’s bedroom and gently told me to get undressed. Suddenly I realized that I was going to be dressed up in her mother’s items and became extremely aroused. “Would you like me to dress you up in my mother’s clothes? You’re about her size and she has some lovely things I want to see you in. Go pick out some panties from the top drawer.” The selection in front of me was incredibly soft and feminine, much like my mother’s panties.

My hands were trembling as I selected a pair of pastel pink nylon briefs that had an ecru lace medallion on the front right side. “Those look cute. Let me put them on you,” she said. As she was pulling them up, I could see that she had arranged a bra, garter belt, nylons and a full slip on the bed.

She then proceeded to fit me into a white bra and filled the lacy cups with more of her mother’s panties… and then a pink satiny garter belt followed by a pair of the softest, sheerest white nylons I had ever seen or worn. The feeling was exquisitely cool to my skin and deeply arousing. Then Nicole had me raise my arms as she placed the slip over my head and shoulders. She pulled it down across my bra and torso and proceeded to straighten out the lace hem.

“Let’s take a look in the mirror. How does it feel to be wearing my mother’s clothes? Does it turn you on as much as your mother’s?”

“I’m in heaven. I have never had someone dress me up and see me like this… let alone in another woman’s lingerie… your mother’s lingerie! I don’t know how much longer I can stand it. Would you please jack me off?”

“Yes,” she said with a grin. “There’s just one more thing I want you to try on.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Have you ever worn a dress?” Nicole asked.

All I could utter was “Please don’t tell anyone about this.”

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  1. I let a girl I knew dress me in her sister’s underwear and bra and put a short mini skirt on me nylons and high heels and she put a long black wig and done my makeup and then she picked up the phone and when she hung up she said I had a date coming over.i tried to get out of the clothes but she said it was her cousin and if I just played along then she would do what ever I wanted her to do. He showed up and I was shocked to see how good looking he was she told him my name was Beth and I had a good feeling about him and I being into each other. So she said that I should be nice to him so I went over to him and asked if he liked what he saw. He said he was getting a little bit hard looking at my sexy body. I danced around him and brushed my ass against his crotch he grabbed me by my hips and pulled me up and said he wanted to play with my pussy and I told him that he could eat me and he dropped down and was lifting my skirt and he had my dick in his mouth and was fingering my ass saying that he wanted to fuck my pussy and I turned and bent over and said he could have my pussy and I pulled down my nylons and panties and he stuck his fat dick to in me and fucked my ass hard and he was kissing my neck and then he grabbed my dick and was jacking me off while he was pounding my ass and when he said he was going to cum I pulled him deeper in my ass until he shot his load. Then he said he wanted to eat my pussy and got down and put my dick in his mouth and deepthroated me until I came in his mouth. He got up kissed me on my lips and said he had to go but he wanted to take me out some time and fuck me again.i said yes

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