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Her name is Valerie, come back and watch her again when you are ready

Years before the term dogging was coined I was using the excuse of walking my pet Alsatian to indulge my voyeur kink. My name is Rick and I was about 11 or 12 at the time of these events.

I always knew I was a voyeur, I spied on my sisters in the bath by boring a hole in the ceiling from the loft, putting it close to the light so it would not be noticed. In the public swimming pool I learned to hold my breath and lurk at the bottom of the pool wearing goggles, allowing me to watch girls swimming past overhead. It was all an incredible thrill, and I took silly risks

Walking my dog on a hill above a local estate one evening I sat down on the grass as the mut found an interesting hole to dig at. It was getting late in the year and it was dark when I walked the dog after school. The estate was brightly lit with windows, most had not drawn curtains yet and I could see families settled in front of their TVs.

Suddenly a movement attracted me, a house at the very edge, just yards from me at the bottom of the hill. An upstairs light came on and the light from the bedroom lit the slope between me and the house. A girl of about 14 appeared at the window, staring out, I froze, wondering if she could see me, it was hard to tell.

Our eyes seemed to meet, she seemed to be looking right at me and I was certainly staring at her. She was clearly just out of the bath, dressed only in a towel and with her wet, lank and clumped.

I was struggling not to pant, trying to keep my breathing slow and steady. My hand crept down the front of my elasticated shorts to grip my rigid erection as I stared, enthralled.

I heard myself let out a very dog like whine as she stood back slightly from the window, and with very slow movements she undid the towel and held it out to one side, but with other arm she covered her small breasts, I could not see lower than her belly button due to the bottom of the window cutting off the view. She opened her fingers and the towel floated out of sight, she turned her back and walked away from the window, slowly, her hips swaying, her long bare legs exaggerating her pacing.

As she drew back from the window I could see everything in marvellous detail, the exciting crease of her bum crack, my hand flew up and down my cock and I had to keep stopping to stop myself cumming. I could cum then, but dry, just jerking dry heaves, this was before the internet, I had no idea I would produce spunk before another year was out.

The girl turned to face the window, her arms spread as if crucified, gloriously naked with a faint shadow of a triangle at the meeting of her legs, she posed like that for a few seconds, a very mocking smile on her lips, then one hand moved and her bedroom light went off, plunging the vision into nothing.

Distracted as I was I had not heard someone approaching, the first I knew was when a larger, stronger, hand slipped down my shorts and closed over my hand, squeezing it harder around my cock, carrying on with the sliding motion as I froze in shock and terror.

The man was kneeling behind me, his chest pressed into my back, before I could even think to run his free hand wrapped around me in a headlock, not hard, but firm, pinning me in place as his hand continued to wank me, as I stopped he just brushed my hand aside and gripped my cock directly, massaging it expertly so it remained hard and responsive.

He was breathing hard, gasping in my ear, and I realised I was panting also. Realising I was not struggling the man pressed me down onto the cool grass with one hand, the other relentlessly working my prick. Once I was pinned down on my back he kneeled over me, his legs either side of my chest, holding me in place with his weight.

He stopped stroking me as he moved over me and both his hands opened up his trousers and flipped his prick out into the night air.

“Do as you are told”, he whispered, still panting. ‘Or I will tell the girl’s parents you were spying on her, understand?’

I could only nod my head, too horrified at his threat, what exposure would mean to me at home, at school, I would be pointed at and shouted at for the rest of my life.

“Good boy,” he whispered. His weight came off me as he came up on his knees, his prick was huge and throbbing in the dim light, a powerful scent was coming off it, like the seaside. He held it with one hand and the other hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head painfully up to greet the smooth tip he exposed by pulling back his foreskin. It nudged against my lips, he swung it side to side, slapped my cheeks with it, then pushed it at my lips hard.

Instinctively I kept my mouth closed, but the hand in my hair slowly twisted until the pain of pulled hair made me cry out, or try to, as soon as my mouth opened the waiting prick shoved in, jamming my lips against my teeth and cutting them. With a deep grunt he forced himself in, both hands now holding me by the hair, pulling me onto him as he pushed in.

I tried to scream, I could not breath and then he was so far in my mouth I began to choke helplessly, still he pushed in deeper with animal like grunts, yanking at my hair as I tried to pull back. In panic I felt the invading shaft pushing down my throat and I could no longer even choke, just gag constantly and violently. My hands scrabbled at his thighs, bare now, his trousers pushed down to his knees, I felt the jerking of his muscles as he fucked my mouth with a grinding motion, causing his prick to mangle my lips against my teeth and send the blunt end moving around inside my throat.

I felt dark much greater than the night pressing in on me, my wildly staring eyes going blind, my chest heaving in desperation, trying to both breath and choke. But just before I passed out he suddenly drew back, my lips felt the ridge that separated his prick head from the shaft, familiar from my own explorations. There he stopped, I lay helpless, coughing up foam that was trapped in my mouth by his prick, some worked up the back of my nose and splashed onto the shaft that impaled me.

He laughed, the head of his prick was making vibrating movements against my bruised tongue and lips and the hand he was furiously wanking himself with kept punching me in the face in his eagerness. His laugh turned into a girl like shriek and that sea scent was suddenly solid, flooding my mouth, like a violent wave. But unlike a wave it came it sudden blasts, exploding down my throat and up the back of my nose, I swallowed reflexively and felt the liquid slide down reluctantly, like half set jelly. I could not get it down fast enough, my mouth filled to bursting, suddenly he freed me, pulling back out of me, I coughed and spewed the seawater flood back over his naked prick as he held it close to my face, slowly stroking it, laughing again as I jerked and sprayed his cock.

He worked his hand over it, gathering up the sticky liquid which I could now sea was white, gathering it up with the tips of his fingers he forced it back into my mouth, holding my mouth shut until I swallowed before collecting more and feeding it to me.

At some point I realized he was not pinning me down, he had sat back on his heels, stroking himself very slowly, but that brutal shaft was now wilting, no threat anymore. I wriggled and wormed my way out from under him, snatching up my shorts which had been pushed down at some point. Still coughing I got shakily to my feet and blundered away. I tried to call my dog, but could only make croaking sounds. The taste filled me utterly, and my lips felt as if I had been repeated punched.

As I got my bearings I heard the man call out softly somewhere close by. “Her name is Valerie, come back and watch her again when you are ready”.

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  1. I have a neighbor girl that has been teasing me for 3 or 4 years now and I have wanted so many times to go to her house and wait for her to come into her room and do her nightly routine and strip out of her clothes and walk around naked Showing all of her beautiful young body teasing me and some times she would lay on her bed and rub her pussy making sure she has it pointed at the window then she would walk to the window and blow me a kiss and turn it off light. I would stand in my window and jack myself to the point of shooting my load and then when she was looking I would explode on my window..

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