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I taught my half-sister about sex

When I was in my early 20s, I went to visit my father.

He had been divorced for two years from my stepmother but had a daughter with her who was just about to turn 13. I spent time with her when she was young but had not seen her for about four years. When I arrived and was staying with my dad for two weeks, my My half-sister, Alyssa, came to greet me with a hug. As she approached I saw that she had apparently inherited our side of the family’s genes and had just started to bud, rather largely for her age. My oldest sister has huge boobs. But the last time I saw Alyssa she was probably about three and half to 4 feet and now she was about 5 foot with a right developing body. Just beginning to get hips.

Anyway, we were pretty physically affectionate and as my dad was older, she attached to me pretty well. I took her to lunches and to the mall, even took her shopping at forever 21. But one day, my dad was taking a nap. He took pretty long naps as he had gotten older. Alyssa and I were across the house in the living room and started a tickling match. I would tickle her and she would grab under my arm and tickle me. Then we sort of started wrestling. I was bigger so I just kinda lightly pushed her around. This started to frustrate her but it was all in good fun.

At one point we were on the large couch wrestling and I pushed her off and then she dove right at me and grabbed my whole right arm. She wrapped her arms around under my armpits and then took her knees and thighs and clinched my right wrist. She was really strong and gripped my whole arm with all her arms and legs. And I couldn’t push her off. Then she pushed her for head into my neck and started growling. It was really cute.

But my wrist was stuck between her thighs close to her crotch. And she had a death grip on the whole thing. I tried to wiggle my arm away, but only managed to move my wrist around. But that’s when I noticed a real heat on the back of my wrist and her crotch. She was wearing some khaki shorts rolled up to the legs. I kept trying to push her way and wiggle harder, but she just kept on gripping. Once more, my upper arm was right between her new booze and I just felt warmth and a fluttery feeling in my heart and loins. So I pressed harder with my wrist and wiggled it more. She kept growling and breathing heavy on my neck near my ear.

Then I noticed that she was pulsating with her thighs pushing, and pulling my wrist as I was moving it. I think the back of my wrist was in the right spot for her. So I kept wiggling to turn around my arm so that I could cup the area.

Then I said, “you better stop or I will pinch you.”

She just growled again and squeezed harder.

So I grabbed the bottom of her thigh and pulled real quick and she flinched. That caused her to double down and make a low growl into my ear. So I said I’m going to do it again. And this time I grabbed her whole crotch and gripped it.

Her eyes opened really wide and she had a strange look on her. But it caused her to let up a little bit. And I said, “are you going to stop?”

She looked me in the eyes and got a real devilish look in her eye and totally clamped down harder.

So I gripped and started opening and closing my fingers around her pants. I could feel it really really warm.

Then she started to slowly buck her hips and I couldn’t stop myself so I kept doing it. Her growls and grinds started turning into rapid breathing. In slight little moans.

So I said, “you’re not gonna stop are you?”

She just sort of fluttered her eyes and close them and kept ducking her hips. So I kept massaging her. Eventually her breathing got faster and faster until she sighed and relaxed.

I gave her an orgasm and I knew it.

When she let go she totally relaxed and it felt really awkward.

I just got off the couch and said, I’m getting go get us some waters and I kissed her on the forehead.

About 10 minutes later, my father had got up and met me in the kitchen and asked how her day was going. I just stayed quiet. Then she walked in and we glanced at each other but didn’t really say anything.

The rest of the day was normal, and we all watched TV together then went out to dinner.

Later that night, I was getting into bed and started reading a book. Thinking about the day also. And I started to get a little hard when about that time there was a soft tapping at my door. I said “come in.” And it was my sister in one of my dads T-shirts.

She just asked, what are you doing, and I just said just reading getting Ray go to bed. She walked in and set of my bed and started asking questions like what he reading. In other questions that required one-word answers. Then she started to poke my shoulder. So I poked her back, then she shoved me and I shoved her back. She shoved again, so I shoved a little harder where she fell down on my bed. And we started to lightly wrestle again. She immediately grabbed my arm as she had earlier that day in gripped again. Only this time my wrist rested up against her crotch and I was ready. But what I wasn’t ready for is that she wasn’t wearing any pants and only underwear!

This time I didn’t say anything and turned my wrist around and started rubbing her again. She let go and just closed her eyes and let me do it. She fell back and laid and I just rubbed her little vagina with my thumb until she orgasmed again. After she finished and was catching her breath. I kissed her on for head and told her I loved her. And another peck on the cheek. Then she kissed me on the cheek too. But got up and left the room.

I smelled my fingers and needless to stay, I was so hard and completely jerked off hard thinking about her warm wetness through her white cotton underwear.

The next day nothing was mentioned and things were normal around the house. But the next night she came in again.

I was still reading and she just snuck in the room, sat on my bed and lay next to me holding my arm lightly. We really didn’t say many words. And I slid my hand up her thigh and was going to start rubbing her. But this was different. She wasn’t wearing anything under her shirt at all!

I just petted her labia and felt around. There was just a dusting of hair I could feel above her crevice. And from past experience past experience from girlfriends took over and I slid my finger down to find her clit which felt swollen. And I just started rubbing.

She was really really really wet. And I told her, “you know there’s other ways we can do this?.” She whispered “how?” And I just started using both hands caressing her. I told her to sit up for a second and lifted her shirt.

It was then that I saw the most beautiful perfect perky ripe young breasts that you could see with the fresh blue veins lightly appearing under skin around her cleavage. I gently caressed around and on her nipples while I was fondling her wet pussy and her eyes rolled back in her head.

Then I rolled over on top of her straddling her and started to kiss her lightly at both nipples down to her belly button and to her young mound. She had the puffyest lips and a tight little crevice that I started to kiss. Then I stuck my tongue like a snake directly on her literacy and started to lick and flick my tongue. She opened her legs more. And I dove in all the way. The taste was nothing like I ever had. Sweet, like fresh tangy dough.

Her soft moans and whimpers were amazing and she put both her hands through my hair. She finally spasmed an orgasm. I looked up and she was totally relaxed. I came up and nuzzled my face on her neck and kissed it. I told her I loved her. And she told me she loved me too.

We both started to doze off I cuddled up with her with a huge hard on. And this time it was me embracing and gripping her body. I was so hard. But we started to doze off together. I woke up about three in the morning and told her she should probably go to her room in case my dad got up in the morning early.

She slumbered off to her room.

The next night she snuck in and I fingered her again. After she orgasm and we laid there and I had a huge hard on. She lifted her head and looked at it. Then she took her finger and pressed on the tip and started giggling.

And I said, “yeah, boys can do it to you know?”LOL.

And she said, “show me,… can I see it?” So I pulled my seven and a half-inch heart cock out my boxer hole and her eyes lit up. And she put her finger on it again. I said “”go ahead.” Just hold it.” She was utterly fascinated. She got up on her knees sitting on her haunches and used her left hand touching it. Petting it. And then both hands just inspecting it. It felt really good. And I started developing precum. She said, “it’s leaking.” And I said “yeah it does that.” So I reached out my hand and grabbed her by the waist. And pulled her left leg over me. So that now she was straddling on my thighs. And I told her to scoot up. She got a curious look on her face, but scooted up so I could feel my cocked pressed on my belly between her cute vagain and I told her to start moving back and forth. She was pumping me on top of the underside of my cocked. It felt really good. And could feel her start to get wet also. Then she fell forward so her beautiful ripe tits were pressing on mine and started humping. I smelled her hair and wrapped my arms around her. Then she eventually came again after about five minutes.

But I hadn’t cum. So I told her to roll off and I just started to jerk off next to her. She looked up and just watched with fascination. Finally I came all over my stomach and chest. But when I did. She got shocked and went”oh!” Then started giggling.

She asked “what is that?” And I said “that’s my cum.” “That’s what makes babies, LOL!” she touched my puddle and then put it to her face, smelled it and made up squinty face. I don’t think she liked it.

I said, “hand me my T-shirt” and wiped myself off.

Then I said, we better be careful. I don’t want dad to find out, and I don’t want to go much further or things could get dangerous. She said, “like what?,” I said “well I can get you pregnant this is how this keeps going”.

She got a look on her face like that never occurred to her.

The next night she snuck in again. I went straight to fingering her for a couple of strokes and then just moved down and started eating that beautiful, wispy haired, puffy little red swollen vagina.

She came really really quickly. But I was so hard. So this time, I got off the bed and my boxers off and just couldn’t take it. I grabbed my cocked and started rubbing her crevice with the head. She was already sopping wet. I looked in her eyes and she had a curious vulnerable look on her face. I stayed looking at her face and I slowly pushed in and she winced but didn’t protest. I pushed a little further where she suddenly grabbed both my arms gripping and opened her eyes and mouth really wide in shock. She pulled up a bit. So I asked her “you okay?” She said “yeah, just hold on a second. It hurts. There’s a lot of pressure.”

So I just stayed there with the tip pressing in her. Slightly pulling back.

At That point I just looked at those beautiful gravity defying fresh tits of hers. She looked so beautiful. I leaned in a little bit and she resisted again. She said “I think it’s just too big. But I want you to cum too.”

At that point, I didn’t want to hurt her. So I just kept my tip in front of her hymen and started jerking it with my hand. After a couple minutes I came really hard all over her precious little cunt.

She seemed okay with that by her facial expressions and even smiled after I was done. I got up and use my boxers to wipe her off. Then ran got a warm rag in the bathroom across my room and wiped her.

I laid next to her and she rolled over and hugged me and said “I love you David.” And I said “I love you so much Alyssa.”

The next several nights were variations of the same. Exploring. Petting. Making each other orgasm.

I couldn’t ever bring myself to fully penetrate her and I was terrified of her going back to her mom’s pregnant.

We’ve since grown apart but message each other here and there on social media apps. But it’s never really come up. She’s now around 28 and from the pictures, just incredibly hot. I’ll always be attracted to her. And I love my half-sister. But I’m scared if we meet in person again what would happen. I hope she is not upset or think I took advantage of her when she was almost 13.

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