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Sniffing my sisters panties

Growing up I had four sisters and my dad travelled for his job, so I spent a lot of time with four females.

One day I was screwing around in the basement and I heard the clothes chute door slam. It was on this spring and if you let it go it slammed pretty good.

I was right by it so I saw the panties drop into the basket. I picked them up and looked at them. They were still wet and warm. I lifted them to my nose and and was hooked instantly. My cock sprang to hardness instantly and as I smelled the wonderful scent my other hand was undoing my pants and in an instant I was laying there on the floor jacking off and sucking those panties into my mouth. I came in about fifteen seconds.

After that I stalked all five of those women every day. My moms pussy tasted fabulous but my sister just older than me, her panties were a delight. When she went into that bathroom I was running into the basement and many times it was for nothing, but when she took a shower I was there and would have one hand on my cock and the other catching those panties before they even hit the basket.

It was as close as it could be, maybe five to seven seconds from her crotch to my mouth, and by the time she came out of that bathroom I had licked those panties clean and had filled them with cum and was back watching Batman. As she got older and started dating I knew exactly when she fucked. I knew how much cum I put into those panties so when she got home if there was that much it was her boyfriends cum.

That is another story for another day but I just couldn’t stop myself and I licked those panties clean even when I knew what I was licking wasn’t only her cum…..

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