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I am not a good girl.i know i dont have …

I am not a good girl. I know I don’t have any problem with that but that doesn’t mean everyone had to treat me badly specially as it’s so easy to write but very difficult to control the feeling. The day I was born, my mum didn’t accept me for the gender I was born with. She always wanted a boy . But bad luck I was born. I don’t care and I am happy I am born being a girl. But that doesn’t mean mummy you  have to behave rude with. Guys you wont believe the slang language she uses and the way she insult me.. I will just give you two examples .. “Why do you live in this world I don’t want you just die”. I don’t know how you are feeling but it hurts a lot wen you hear this from you loving mum … I do everything to make her happy ..she is never happy.. Alight, here’s the point I am 17 now I am mixed with a bad crew and consider my self as a bitch … I am sorry to say this but I wont lie. I swear if I had a choice I would change my self. I don’t want to live a life being a bitch. I just want a cute family where I will get loved by my mum dad and everyone.

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