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I’ve always wanted to share my life

Hi. I’ve always wanted to share my life experiences with others because it might help someone out there. Growing up people considered me as a positive individual, they made it so easy but I struggled throughout my entire life. I could have chosen to give up or be angry at the world but instead I kept on moving. I always wanted more out of life. A chance to help my mom and brothers and sisters. A chance to be someone better than I am today. My life choices hasn’t always been the best one but I guess that this is all part of growing up. Sometimes I would wish for bad thing to happen to me so that I don’t have to wake up next morning wondering what I’m I going to eat today or where I’m I going to get money from. I worry so much that life began to have no meaning.things that I really enjoyed doing seems not fun at all. I know what it’s like to carry the weight of the world on your shoulder. If I had the power to go back in time to start over, honestly I would. They say struggles makes you stronger but it also takes a part of you that you can never get many train of thought in my head sometimes makes me feel like I’m going Crazy. Then I remember that I’m not alone as I may feel, there are also others worst off than me. If you are going through the reality of no job, no financially supports or feel like giving up, just hold on a little longer because we are in this together. Better days are coming.


  1. Better days are definitely coming!!! Keep going?, life isn’t easy and each challenge teaches you something. Never give up

  2. Its seems to me that u are writing my story world is very small but the burden is very heavy.

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