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I study, and I like this boy

I am a girl who study in high school . I don’t have much friends to share my feeling and when I have some problems that I cannot told my parents. I don’t have anyone to talk to me. (You can see that I’m not good in English) I just want some opinion. I met a boy who is good in math, science and his thoughts are similar to me. The difference is he has many friends and quite famous in the class. We become good friends but everyone thinks we are being in love rather than being friends. What we do is only discussed academic. Most the time we talk in whatsapp and we talk almost everything. He always support me. I really treasure our friendship .However I think he finds annoying that other classmates always laugh at us. He started not to talk to me and not to stay near me . I want others stop laughing at us , I want our friendship back …..but I don’t know what I can do and what I should do …..


  1. Fuck (Have sex) with him. Its a great way to get to know each other better

  2. I had a similar experience where a guy and I were mocked for being friends. He was a bit of a geek from a family with money and was popular for some strange reason, part of a big group of boys. I started talking to him in classes that we shared and we spoke outside of school and started dating. It was a mess in the end.
    Guys will pretty much always follow the crowd. They can be like sheep. I would try to let go and maybe find someone worthy of your time and friendship outside of school.

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