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My name is Ali and I lived in Pakistan and Moved to Australia

MY name is Ali , I lived in Pakistan in Quetta. In my place there is persecution, there is a war in our country, they were killing us because of our religion. They are killing us in Pakistan, Afghanistan,Syrian and Iraq because we are Muslim and they thing we do not deserve to live.
I could not go to school or to the Market because it was to dangerous. I remember when I was in Pakistan there was a bomb blast in Quetta, in Alameda Road, 120 people were killed. The bomb was under the ambulance. it happened in Moharah month, about 4 Years ago. At the time I was near Alamedar Road visiting my friend’s house when that blast took place. After that blast I could see lot of body parts lying on the street. Many people lost their family. i know many families that lost son. i one house they lost 3 son’s in one day.
we all spend four days on the street among with dead bodies. People asked the government to help them but the government just told us that they will send a truck full of tissue paper to wipe your tears, our Ministers were joking about that terrible act! At last the government told to Shia people to go to live in two cities Alamdar and Burori {Hazara town} because they were safe cities but actually there were still bomb blasts going on after .
It happens because there is a new religion group, formed 2000 or 2001, called Lashkar Jangvi (Jangvi Group). Their aim is to turn Muslims in to their religion; If they cannot then they kill us! They think if you kill, you will get a reward from th go.
I came from Pakistan. I saw a lot of bad things happen in Pakistan. When I was 15 years old my father sent me to Australia by boat as an asylum seeker because my life was in danger in Quetta. I spent five months in a detention centre and when they released me I didn’t know anyone. I had no one to support me, and no friends or family nearby. After one and a half years I met Fleur Tonkin and her family. I see a lot of kids in detention centres now and I feel very sad for them. I was fifteen when I was in detention and that was very hard. There are kids younger than seven and eight years old in detention now and they need help and education. They deserve to feel safe but they are in jail instead. They should be with their families. After three years here I feel like Australia is my home. I am lucky to have a family here that treats me like their own. When I feel sad and stressed my Australian family; my mother, my sisters and my father they help me. Every person should have the right to freedom, especially innocent children.

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