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I am feeling cheated

I am very much stressed. I am feeling cheated and over loaded with all the burdens and responsibilities. I married to a wonderful guy who is very much loving caring and has a good understanding. But the problem is that we have a useless family where nobody do any type of job or work. And my father in law recently surprised us with a gift of 2 millions DEBT. Me and my hubby do work from morning to evening to fulfill the necessities of the home and to pay the interest of the debts. All dreams , desires and necessities of me and my hubby are daily compromised … but they dont care at all. My husband wants to be a great son and sacrifice everything for his family even my happiness and little dreams. May be i am selfish but .. i cant do anything about it. we cant plan for a baby for years because we cant afford it with all these lots of responsibilities. I cant share all these things with my maternal family because they think that i am very happy here and i dont want to hurt them at all. I feel stuck and cannot find anyway to out . I need some inspiration and positive energy to go ahead but this time i am broken……..


  1. you both are good
    loved and caring each other
    all will be right be happy 🙂

  2. all u can do is accept the truth and move on in life…. if someone surprises you with so huge dept then what-else u can do…. stick to ur husband he know what he’s doing. if he loves and cares abt u then he can give u happiness the rest of ur life. And happiness is what we want from the one we love. what if ur story was like this…… huge dept and no love n care from hubby. At least he love u respect his love n stick to him…

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