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When I was 17 years old, my dad embarrassed me

Hello! When I was 17 years old. My dad, who is VERY strict did something to embarrass me. One day, I was at school, and I got in trouble for throwing a book at a teacher. So, my principal came to my house, while I was in my bedroom. I looked out of my door seeing the principal and my dad talking to each-other. I saw the look on my dads face, knowing I was about to get whipped with his belt. He proceeded to my room with a angry face on. He told me to bend over the bed. He begun to whoop me. My principal was watching me getting whooped. I remember crying, and the principal calling my dad, and my dad telling me to stay there, because I wasn’t done with the punishment. My principal finally left, and my dad busted in my room, pulling down my pants and underwear. He put his hand on my back, because he knew I hate getting my bare bottom whooped. He whooped me, until my bottom was bright red, and he told me to sit on the bed and think about what I’ve done. He came back in the room minutes later, and hugged me. Telling me, that he only whooped me because, he loved me.


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