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Went on my first date at 19. Kiss and now no replies

Im almost 19, I went on my first “date” a few days ago. The guy was really nice, funny, smart, and good looking. We talked for a while, then we had a drink and he invited me to dance and so we did. After dancing for almost one hour an a half, we stopped and went outside. We were just talking and he kissed me like four times while we were talking. Then he took me home and before I entered my apartment he kissed me for the last time. We said our good byes and he told me to tell him when I finished my finals. The next day, I waited al day for a text, but nothing and its weird because I thought we had a great time. At least I did and it looked like he did too. So I decided to text him and he answers hours later. As the conversation goes on, I see the lack of interest. He just let my last message as seen, so I guess I know what that means. I let a few days pass by and send him a text this morning and now its almost 9pm and theres no answer.
Every time I like someone, they don’t like me, or we are just friends, or they are in a relationship and when I do find someone that does like me just wants sex, or a friends with benefits or just leaves. I am emotionally exhausted and my friend whom already has a boyfriend just keeps saying “Oh then he wasn’t meant for you” ” The time will come just be patient”. Im tired of all these, just why can’t you say the truth to my face if you don’t want to talk to me?


  1. See first of all you are one of a kind and very special in your own way having guys and relationships isnt the only thing to have in life even if you meet a guy or you like someone give it time dont be so close at the starting itself conversations reveal the charachter of the person converse and spend some time trying to know the person well through this somewhere you will come to know your value and the thing that does he need you and does he trust you dont try and find a answer to the question so soon that does he love you because my friend we only love the ones we trust and need in life .??

  2. Maybe it’s because they are not sure of their feeling, which is sad, as one should not play with other’s feeling just because they are unsure of their own. Talking about relationships, we don’t know it but…”there is someone out there who is crazy about you”. someone who loves every bit of you, for who you are, sees the crazy in you and looks past it for the actual soft person you are. Someone who cares for you, have uninterrupted conversations with you, get lost on long road trips with you, and just be with you. He is out there, unknowingly looking for you and you unknowingly waiting JUST for him. I know it’s the same ‘time will come’ crap for you here but that is cause it is true. Have you seen How I met your Mother ? Take Ted Mosby as your Inspiration and don’t stop meeting new people.

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