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The Girl I Liked Wanted Revenge

Over the last two weeks, I have been going through some real shit… For the past six months I’ve had a crush on this girl from school, and about 3 weeks ago I finally grew a pair, and went and talked to her. Sadly though, she was not interested in me at all at the time it seemed. This made me a little upset, because I really liked her, she was all I wanted at the time. Then to my surprise, I met a really cute girl at this private party with whom I hate a lot in common. She clearly liked me and I liked her, so I asked her out for coffee and it all went well. Then suddenly, the girl I had a crush on started flirting with me out of nowhere. We go to the same school, and during the break she approached me, and suddenly seemed very interested, which was weird, but my crush on her blinded me, and I foolishly played along. She invited me to a party and told me to bring friends. Selfishly and eagerly I “forgot” all about the cute girl, and went to the party happily. Upon arrival the girl I had a crush started pouring vodka down my throat, and the party was on. Just an hour later, we were getting down to business in one of the upstairs bedrooms. I was literally overwhelmed by how direct she was, and it was all going really when the cute girl barged in, seeing us in bed. She left the room in tears, and I immediately felt horrible. The girl I had a crush on smiled in a cruel way, took her clothes and left without a word. Leaving me behind in shock.

So apparently, the girl on whom I had a crush and the cute girl had a beef, and the mean girl I had a crush on wanted some kinda sick revenge. The cute girl was shy, and had been happy to meet a guy who showed interest in her, and the mean girl wanted to spoil it all for, just because of some childish beef. But where does this leave me? I feel so bad, and I have tried to contact the cute girl without luck. I feel guilty and ashamed. Am I a bad person?


  1. No u are not a bad person.U became so unaware of the fact under the influence of ur crush that u had met such a nice girl.Just apologize to that girl irrespective of the outcome.U will feel much better and light.

  2. Actually u are not bad.. Crush always. Makes everyone blind.. U went to the bedooom becoz of the crush u had even though u had a cute girl fr u .. Its general that people get in trouble like this.. But don’t think she wl respond yu properly even u contact her. If so she did apologize to her.

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