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Why can’t “anonymous sites” be regulated to prevent bullying?

I joined a website called similar worlds to replace another online network called experience network and it has ruined life.

The moderation team and owners don’t listen to bully reporting and are only interested in development of the site and making money.

There are venerable members but it is full of abuse. The trolls get deleted quickly but if you complain about the site the moderators gang up on you.

I was stalked and I reported it. Nothing was done, people can make multiple alias accounts and make fake identities easily.

The site developers are ex forum members that got together and are unprofessional bullies. They haven’t listened to problems with the fake accounts that continue to harass and are only interested in getting a name for the website.

I have been emotionally scarred by the the hatred on the site, there are a minority of supportive users but it’s just like a school playground. But worse because it’s online and the abuse isn’t taken seriously.

Why can’t these anonymous sites be regulated so bullying stops?

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