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I placed her for adoption

I’m Monique F, from Lynchburg. A mother of one beautiful 3 year old name Monia. I had no help with caring for her. So April 2015 I spoke to d.s.s. and we made a agreement temporarily. It was for the best. Me and Monia had space. I kept all her visitions. Speech theropys every week. Visited her school every week. Went to her doctors visits as well. June30th I went to court they terminated my rights. And placed her for adoption. I miss seeing my child laugh and smile. She’s autistic and I never gave up on her. I went to them for help. To turn around and get slapped in the face.. People always say don’t be afraid to ask for help. To tell the truth well the truth cost me my daughter. I don’t won’t to be anonymous I won’t my story heard and out there. It’s discrimination and unfair I seek justice.# JusticeforMoniaFranklin

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