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Life keeps putting me in front of my Ex

Love is one stupid thing that can either ruin or make your life. I don’t know if that one thing made my life or ruined it. It’s been 5 years since we broke up. Actually she did. I thought I could move out of her memory lane. But life had other thoughts for me. I’m a college student now and that’s where my life gave me a twist. When I joined my college I found that my Ex is in the same college. I never wanted to break up with her.

But… Never mind. Every time I think I forgot her, she just appears in front of me. This brings backs a lot of memories. Though this didn’t effect her. I wonder how could girls move on so easily? 3 years passed and I somehow could forget her but no, life didn’t wanted that to happen. I recently shifted my house, and to my surprise just opposite to my Ex’s house. I’m tired now trying to forget her. Each time I see success, life brings her in again. I know I still feel for her and I can show that too but she doesn’t seems to have anything. Anyways, I just felt a heavy heart and needed to speak out. 🙁

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  1. I study in the batch of 12 students in my engineering and I see my ex daily. Believe me how much guilt I am carrying on my head.

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