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I nearly lost my life today

Today was a day I never thought would happen. I nearly lost my life as this is how it happened. This afternoon while I was driving with a friend, we were driving along a local road and as we were about to go further up, a student driver and instructor and we almost had a collision as the driver was taking an abrupt turn without looking to signal. After leaving the intersection where this crisis could have happened, I was very shaken up and had to pull over. My friend told me that it was not my fault for what had happened but she did tell me that she would report it to the driving school since this was a very dangerous and also potentially deathly situation. While I was taking time to calm down, she told me that not only I saved myself, but we saved each other. I then was able to drive home and here I am writing this, letting you all know when driving, anything can happen in such a quick second. Be prepared for the unexpected for when something like this happens. Overall I am doing ok but still need time to recover, emotionally after this intensive day.

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  1. I had a similar experience on 11/7/2019, a car blew thru a light had i proceeded i would of been dead along with my daughter

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