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She broke up with me on my birthday.

This is an outline of how I spent my Birthday week. I have been a loving and supportive boyfriend for 2 years. I made sure my girlfriend always has the best opportunities for her life, health, and career. She is the type of girl whom you’ll easily fall in love with.

  • She broke up with me 2 weeks before my birthday.
  • She made up with me the night before my birthday just to make me happy
  • She broke up with me on the day of my birthday
  • She made it final 3 days after.

I miss her.

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  1. She sounds like a bit of a bitch — I know I fell for a son of one myself 😉 I miss him too, but I guess we should move on, and give our hearts to someone who’ll treat us better no?

    We deserve more than being always hurt.

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