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I found out he was married to someone else

Hello friends, I need some advise about how to put myself together. I am 22 years old and it all started few years ago when I was in relationship and we exchanged rings… I asked him for one and half years to finish my masters degree then I will go to his home and he agreed… but few months ago he went to his parents house and when he came back I found out he was married to someone else. I asked him again and again why he did that… he said he loves me but it was family pressure that he forced to marry someone else. I couldn’t imagine a second without him but he is trying to live with someone else….It’s a total humiliation for me. I am lost. Totally.. I lost interest from my studies and food. He betrayed me in the most painful way… but the problem is I still wait for his message and I tried to change my feelings about him but failed.. Please help me… His family members threatened me to stay away from him… Please help me friends.

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  1. You need not be with someone like that, trust yourself and improve your situation by concentrating in your studies and bring the sizzling self love. Best wishes beautiful girl! ~Nabanita

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