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I don’t exactly know why but I am so unhappy

I don’t exactly know why but I am so unhappy. I just want to talk to a person who doesn’t know anything about me or my imperfections or my identity. I just want someone who doesn’t judge me. I feel so lost. So lost. I feel like I am wasting my days and I’m hurting the people I love the most. I also get this terrible anxiety attacks where I cant inhale air properly. It’s so painful and I get so angry later. I just want someone to believe in me. I just want to be loved and I want to love the persons without hurting them. I want the peoples to smile at me when I smile at them.
I just need to get this whole lot of feelings out of mind. My own mind has caged me in an unlocked cellar. I feel like crying so much. When I cry I don’t know what I’m crying for. On the night before my 17th birthday I had a fight with my father and then I cried so much. It hurts so much to hurt the peoples I love. And then I cried when I let my mum down. I’ve been a cold heart human for so long. I just cant hold it anymore. It’s really hurting.
I don’t know if this site has any comment option or not, if there’s any please talk to me. I just want someone to talk to. Someone I don’t know of. Please tell me I too am capable and someone has faith in me.
Hey stranger, I’m already in love with you!


  1. Yep, this site has a comment section. Hello I am Nabanita Pramanik, I would suggest you to talk to people anonymously or make false accounts and talk to people and communicate with strangers daily, you would realize more and more about people and their psychology. Good luck to you!

  2. So much to share… N talk please take a step ahead and talk ? u ll def. Feel lighter

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