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I couldn’t imagine myself without him

One day, all of a sudden I met a guy on the aeroplane. He was the brother of my friend. I felt something weird. The day after I met my friends and he was there. We spent 2 good days all together. The day after I was travelling for few days to another country and coming back. We stood at the door to say goodbye we both felt something we gave each other that look that says please don’t go. He asked for my number. Since that day we kept on talking everyday and we met each other and we fell deeply in love. We became one of the best couples. Everyone used to say you are the best couple. Although we used to fight a lot but there was love. One day came and I had to tell my parents but they disagreed on this relation due to socioeconomically issues. He was 6 years older than me. I tried a lot with them but they refused and refused. I had to keep lieing and lieing until one day I got fed up from lieing, fed up from pressure, fed up from everything. And he lied to me with one small thing so I decided to leave him. We go separated from each other but I never forgot him. He tried to talk to me and talk but I refused and refused. After 10 months I met a guy who wanted to marry me I started talking to him I was satisfied but I used to compare each thing of this guy with the one I loved I couldn’t remove him from my mind at all. Although I was away from my love but my heart my sense and everything was with him. One day came up and I met again the one I love and he started telling me that he started meeting a girl just to forget me and so on. After one day I ran to him and hugged him, loved him, kissed him, I felt that I cant be away from him. The day after he told me he is going with his friends but unfortunately I saw her with him out of a sudden. I left the place and started cruising in the streets like crazy. I told myself how would I let him go. How did I do that with my hands. I couldn’t handle that feeling. I followed him to a place I know I would find him there. And I did hit him. I slapped him on the face and started crying and crying. I couldn’t know what to say he hugged me and tried to calm me down. Since that day we are talking again and I feel I cant be away from him. I couldn’t continue talking to that guy who wants to marry me. I messed up my life and my loves life and the girl that got attached to my boyfriend and everything. But I couldn’t imagine myself without him. But now how can I face my parents? How can I marry him? How can I get rid of that guy? How can I solve everything without making my parents sad? I am lost, literally lost. And my love’s trust is lost. Because he has a feeling that I might leave him any day. How would I prove that I really need him and I cant leave him? How can I make him always with me? How can I convince my parents about that. He is a really good guy that can really take care of me.

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