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I lost my virginity to my Mom when I was 14

I lost my virginity to my Mom when I was 14. Mom was barely 16 when I was born. It all started when I was 13 and Mom caught me masturbating when she came in my room without knocking. I was so embarrassed as I covered my erection with my pillow.

Instead of leaving Mom sat down on my bed and started telling my how it was normal for boys to do that and everybody does it and I shouldn’t be embarrassed about it, saying she I was masturbating because of my laundry and that her panties were sticky from me finishing on them.

Saying it was ok Mom took the pillow away and saw I still had an erection. Mom looked at me and said to go ahead and finish what I was doing. To shy and embarrassed I just laid there naked with an erection. Mom just smiled at me and said she had seen me naked before and it wasn’t the first time seeing my dick though the last time it wasn’t big and hard like it is now. Mom took my hand and put it close by my dick. Unsure of what to do I slowly grabbed my hard on started to play with my dick. Soon I was jerking off right in front of Mom.

It didn’t take long until I was cumming on my stomach. Mom asked if that felt good and said I should cleanup and would talk about this later. Mom was just 29 at the time and most times at night would wear short nighties or t-shirts and panties. Mom would carefree around the house showing herself. So later that night in a t-shirt and panties she said we should talk about what happened earlier. Saying she was sorry she didn’t knock first.. She said how sexy it was watching me. Soon we talking about how often I was masturbating and about sex stuff. With that and the fact I could see Moms panties it was easy to see I had a big hard on in my pj’s. Mom saw my bulge and ask if seeing her panties was doing that. Mumbling I quess.

Mom tied her shirt up above her panties giving me a show of her panties whenever she moved. Mom asked how it was having her watch me earlier. Ok. I said well can I watch now since I got your cock hard. Since I didn’t say a word Mom came over and pulled my pjs down so she could see dick. Moms hand and squeezed my dick for the first time. Going to my room Mom went and got some of her panties and said to cum on them as she undressed me. Mom was telling go. That was the start.


  1. Wow your mom sounds so hot. Keep fucking her and eating her pussy. Let her suck your dick then cum on her face.

  2. I would love to have my mom take hold of my hard cock and jerk me off and have sex with of my bucket list.

  3. That’s so good.i wish my hot mom does it for me as she always roams in front me by wearing a sari 3 to 4 inches below her navel.I jerk off by seeing her navel.

  4. My mom did the same thing. She showed me that a mom can be your friend and lover as well. We have been active for the last 20 years.

  5. Anonymous

    I was 18yoa at the time. My adopted parents got a divorce and I was living with my adopted mom and siblings. My adopted mom was 38yoa at the time. One evening around bed time, my younger brother comes into our bedroom that we shared and said that our mom was lonely. I told him that we could go and climb into bed with her, with him sleeping on side of her and me on the other. I wasn’t thinking anything sexual. I was just trying to be a good son and loving brother. As we climbed into bed with my adopted mother, my brother climbed in on one side of our mom as I climbed into bed on opposite side as suggested. I placed my right arm over my adopted mom’s waist as she lay facing away from me. A few hours after falling asleep, I was awakened with my adopted mom kissing me. We were locked mouth to mouth with our tongues intertwined in each other’s mouths and saliva flowing between our mouths. We kissed for a few minutes before she rolled back over and went to sleep. I continued to keep my right arm draped over her waist, and I also fell back to sleep. The next night my younger brother and I went back to slepp with our mom. Again after having my right arm draped over her waist and falling asleep, I was awakened again with my mom’s tongue buried deep inside my mouth. We were French kissing like crazy. After a few minutes of kissing, my adopted mom whispered in my ear for me to go to my room and that she would be in there when my brother fell asleep. I got up and went to my bedroom and anxiously awaited for my mom to arrive. I was still a virgin at this time and was not sure what was about to happen. It seemed like a lifetime before my bedroom door opened and my adopted mom walked into my room and walked over to my bed. She climbed on top of me and straddled me. I made a suddle movement which caused her to move from the top of me to lying on her back underneath me. We began to kiss passionately as if I couldn’t get enough of her. She reached down and pulled her panties off and then placed her left hand down inside my briefs waistband and guided my hard cock towards the entrance of her awaiting wet love tunnel. I made a good five to six strokes before unloading my seed deep inside my adopted mom’s pussy. She asked me if this was my first time, and I told her yes. She told me to just relax for about ten minutes. We kissed and held each other tight, until I was hard again. We made love again until I filled her up again with my cum. After we were both spent, mom whispered in my ear that I had held her more in the last two nights then she’ been held in the last two years by my adopted dad. Mom told me that some day I’d make some woman a great lover. I asked her why, and she told me that because I was gentle with a woman. Mom told me that I couldn’t tell anyone and that this was our little secret. Mom got up and went back to her bedroom where my younger brother was still sleeping. I got up the next day and went to work. That evening when I got home, mom and I acted as nothing had happened between us. We acted like a normal mom and son should. That night at bedtime, I went to sleep in my own bed. My younger brother went to sleep with our mom again. I don’t know what time it was, but my brother must have been asleep, because my bedroom door opened and my mom came and crawled into bed with me. We made love twist that night before she got up and went back to her room. Mom did tell prior to leaving that if I saw a small spot of blood on my sheets, not to worry as she was about to start her period. I just said ok, and went to sleep. The next night my younger brother slept in our room and I went and climbed into bed with my mom. She told me that she couldn’t tonight because she could get pregnant, so she reached over pulled down my briefs and jacked me off. I reached my hand into her panties and put my middle finger in her pussy while she was jacking me off. After I came all over me and her hand, we fell asleep. We didn’t do anything for about a week or so until she knew she wouldn’t get pregnant, and then we made love in her bed where I filled her with my cum three different times that night. A few days later, I was injured at work to where I broke my knee and ended up in the hospital. While in the hospital, lots of folks from our small community came to visit me and my mom who stayed with me the entire time I was in the hospital. One of our visitors was a divorced man with three daughters who had a job in the off shore drilling industry. Well long story short, he and my adopted mom hooked up and that ended our little mom/son insest affair. My adopted mom ended up dying in a house fire after being married to her new husband after just a few years. I will always think that he killed her due to financial issues, but couldn’t prove it. I have been happily married for nearly 30 years now with three beautiful children. I love my wife and wouldn’t trade her for the world. I do think about my adopted mom sometimes and our short love affair that we had. I know that it happened at a time when she was lonely and needed someone, and I was a young horny teenager longing to poke a hole. I wouldn’t trade that moment nor the experience gained from it for anything. All of the events are true and did happen. I have no reason to lie or make things up. Anyways, just thought I’d share my story.


  6. It happens more then you think. I lost my virginity to my mom when I was 12. She hadme at she was 30. Now I’m 46 and mom is 64. We still hhave sex and we consider ourselves man and wife. We have been monogamous since the 1st time.

  7. Same here. Mom has always been sexual. And very open about it. She told me how to masturbate. Then watched me. It ended up she got naked and said I know something better then jacking off that we can do. She was right. We have been doing it for 35 years now.

  8. That’s a great Story, I had something very-very similar happen to me and my mom.
    –The Person here commenting they feel sorry for you…Shit what drugs are they on? This is frickin good stuff, more boys and moms need to experience this moment of compassion …might be less problems in the world. I’m certainly not sorry it happened to me, in fact I enjoyed mom watching me. Heck I use to masturbate when she gave me enemas, laying on my back, legs spread wide and feet high in the air. During enemas, masturbating always helped with being able to take more soapy water than I normally could. We need to hear more stories like yours !!! Thanks for sharing

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  11. What is wrong with you guys? I would throw up if I had to see my mom naked! Fucking sick rednecks!

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  13. My mother caught me jerking she had come stairs and door was open and jerking like crazy. I caught her from the corner of my standing there watching until I came. I new she was watching so I slowed down bring my self right to the edge and stopping. I did that about ten time before I let it rip there was lot of cum I guess she thought she had me in corner and tried blackmailing saying she would tell every one if I did not help around the house. That lasted about two days then her asshole friend came over in the middle of the to fuck her. I took a video of her blowing him and taking in the ass. Needless to say things changed I never had any sex with but her days black mail ended the next morning

  14. I have a daughter with my sister and Can’t wait till my daughter gets her first period to get her pregnant

  15. My goal and ultimate fantasy is my sexy plump mom! I want to fuck her hairy milf pussy and big plump ass everyday all day! Ive masterbated in her panties and while looking at her in the shower, i heard her moaning lightly one night so i snuck to her room and she was laying on her bed nothing but red thong pulled to the side ramming a dildo in and out of her pussy, ive never came so much in my life!!

  16. I dont want to have sex with my mom…but the fantasy of a mom’s involvement is so hot. I used to jerk off to my sister. Finished in her panties a lot, too. Lol.

  17. I saw my grandma naked wen i was 12 she was in her 60’s i walked in her room and my eyes were stuck to her amazing she had great tits and such a great bum for her age id only seen my sister naked before and that was as kids she want developed so this was my first naked girl my grandma dint mind me looking at her my jaw was on the floor i was rock hard she could see as she mentioned it she came over and said let me relive your balls i dint know what she ment and then she wanked me a couple of times and i cum on her leg while stairing at her pussy

  18. Most of you dingbats need to download Grammarly and type your bullshit stories there before posting them in public.

  19. When I was little during the weekends I stayed at my moms flat, she masturbated herself, while looking at me, and touching my face.

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    After 1-2 minutes i was cumming so hard while watching her crossed pantyhosed legs and her danglinh mules, after 12 i steal her nylons and mules and wank over them.
    My sister also gave me lot of blowjobs just for fun until our 15
    We were slepping together and every day of our summer vacation was fun as we were sleeping naked

  22. My mum first fucked me when I was 12 years old, after she caught me masturbating to pictures of women in their underwear in one of her catalogues. She told me later that she hadn’t trusted other men after my father left her for his 17-year-old secretary, and that she had been desperate for cock. After our first fuck, mum let me sleep in her bed. In my early teens, I often fucked her 4 or 5 times a night. When I was 15, mum deliberately got herself pregnant by me, and we had a beautiful baby daughter. From the start, mum used to lick her pussy, and encouraged her to do the same. One afternoon, when our daughter was just 8 years old, mum sucked me until my cock was hard, and then told me to fuck our daughter. God, she was tight! One year later, I fuck her at least twice a week, with mum rubbing herself off as she watches my cock pumping in and out of that plump, bald pussy.

  23. I love the thought of shagging my mum !! It happened once wen we were both drunk !! Never spoke of it since but we both no how good it felt !!! I’ve never spent so much time licking and fingering a fanny and mum loved it like I did !!! We even thought about getting our sister involved

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  26. My upbring was abit different to most as my mum was single and a prostitute, I didn’t no she was a prostitute till I was ten and asked her why so many men made her scream in her bedroom, she replied I let men use me for money so I can feed you, not really understanding what she meant and she could tell this, my mum said why don’t you watch me being ten said okay then, with that 2 lads turned we all went into mums bedroom I sat in the corner, I watched my mum get fucked in every hole but they could only cum in her ass or mouth it was amazing, as soon as I was old enough to get hard mum let me ass fuck her whenever I wanted to, she still let’s me now she’s 60 and I’m 26

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  30. Sounds like the best thing you can do keeping it in the family can’t do any better!!!!!!!!!!

  31. My Mom is still locked up for the things She did to My Sister, & Myself. She is sick. My Sister & I hope We never see Her again. I am 19. My Sister is now 17.

  32. From early age I used to cuddle with mom in bed when dad left for work in the morning. Sometimes we had a play wrestle and I would be on top between her legs. That soon led to my erection and she would allow me to dry fuck her. Happened many times and we never spoke about it till I started to ejaculate. We had to end in fear that she might get pregnant.

  33. My mom made me jerk off in front of her. She caught me jerking off to a playboy. She got very mad saying those women are sluts and real women don’t look like that. I was 15. She opened her robe and made me look at her, yelling at me to finish, saying “ I am not good enough” she just kept yelling at me, that was the first time that happened

  34. I’m 12… my mom blows me almost every night before dad gets off work.

    She says when I get turn 13 she’d gonna ride my dick! I’m so excited. It’s like a week away!

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  37. I was a frustrated widow until I started having sex with my 13-year-old son. i taught him how to suck my clit, and how to ride me. H often takes me four times in one evening. Because of my doting son, I’m no longer the frustrated widow I was.

  38. Mom was one hot lady , Dad pass when i was 9 and we lived alone . Mom had a great job and money was no issue .When I was 9 mom ask me to sleep in her bed room . At night she would hold me and i could feel her warm body . At 12 I started getting hard as we sleep and she ask me about it and what did it feel like .
    I had no idea as to sex , I told her it did feel good when i touched it .
    That night Mom sleep with her leg over me and I did get hard and I shot my first real cum . The next night Mom put me between her legs and i could feel Mom warm wet Pussy my peter touch it and I unloaded as did Mom with a whimper . We did this for years and still do , only now I fuck her , I did get cut at 18 be for that we used rubbers . life is great .

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