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Everybody left but she was there

Spent two years at the same school, had mutual close friends, so cool. Spent hours with the same group together, but we couldn’t much interact with each other.

We partied together, laughed together, weren’t so close yet. Had a great bond, only an IMAGINARY one, I bet.

Movies, lunch, hotels; that last get together with the squad; laughed, cried, hugged; knowing that this time may never come back; knowing that we’re all going to part; Who knew bidding adieu to this person could be this hard!

Distances occurred; reached a parting of the ways. One to Delhi, one to Mossoro, she at the hometown and I flied towards Pune’s bays.

Time fled, time changed, Never knew, somebody there was holding the separated ways. Admittance couldn’t happen and I unfortunately…
In fact, fortunately had to return back! A crying heart, a sad soul, something was for good, but wasn’t in mood.

Henceforth, The ones I always trusted, looked forward, cried for, couldn’t contact. Could new friends on old buddies,
make such a big impact?


Everybody left but she was there, away from the people I couldn’t bear. All left, her and me no squad, all set free.

Joined hands, shared memories read me, with no worries. There I found someone who could a lot mean, a true friend searching I have been.
Endless love, conversations with no end, In her I found that special friend, MY BEST FRIEND.


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