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I am 22 year old girl looking for a guy that doesn’t just want a hook-up

I am new to online blogging but I am going to give this a shot. I am a 22-year-old female college student (graduating this month), and if I am being honest I have only had one real relationship that only lasted for 4 months. I’m not one to usually complain and I understand in the expression “you’ll find who’re looking for with time” but I am tired of feeling alone. The friends that I do have are very superficial. Sometimes I think being friends with anyone anymore isn’t about having a connection and having fun; but rather what you have to offer to the friendship. Anyway, getting back on track. I have tried both dating in person and online. Neither one better than the other. It starts out fine at first. The getting to know you questions and simple flirtations. However, eventually comes the part I dread. Either guys just want a hook up or cannot commit. I am not blogging this to label all guys as jerks; I am just putting my latest feelings out here about the dating world. I just wish I could find a guy that likes me for who I am, not just an average pretty face. The best example I can give is my ex. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand because he is relatively a nice guy. But I was my ex’s first girlfriend and he was my first boyfriend. We started dating and everything was fine at first: he would come see me as often as he could, and we would hang out with his friends but then I started to notice small things: we only went on one date, he only ever called me pretty. Then what got to me is he started texting me only when his roommate left so we could sleep together. Finally, I had enough and when I broke up with him the only thing he had to say for himself was ok. Later I heard him talking to a friend of his how he won’t find another pretty girlfriend. I just wish it was all about looks. Even online people will text me first labeling me as something I not. I am at a point in my life where I know what I want. I don’t want a “hook up”, and I hate going to bars (it’s just not my thing). I want somebody that I can introduce to my family, spend time with together and be happy. For those of you readers who took the time to read this I want to say thank you. I don’t know if this is a blog, a rant, or a piece of self-expression but what I do know is that I feel better after writing this. If you have a comment go ahead and leave one and to the people still reading I hope you have a great rest of your night.


  1. You have surrounded yourself with boys but where is the man in your story?
    add me on instagram at mrcraftbeer. Message me if you want to talk further.

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