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My friends would say I am being annoying

So, this isn’t really a book like Share My Life, it’s kind of more of how I feel.
I am eleven years old and I am in sixth grade. Every time I would talk to my friends they would say I’m being annoying, but I know how I’m being annoying it’s because I would tease them about their relationships and who they like and stuff. But well, I just can’t help myself because in my house I am the only kid so I don’t usually play and talk to other kids, so when I get to talk to my classmates, I would get over exited and well say things I really don’t think twice about. So please if you can help me.

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  1. If you feel like your friends don’t like you because you are “annoying,” then it’s time to find new friends. Try a new club and you’ll find people who share your interests. If your friends only tell you that you are “annoying” sometimes, then try to dial it back. Think before you speak, take a moment. Remember that if your friends don’t love you, they aren’t your friends. There will always be people who love you.

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