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I cheated on my ex

I cheated on my ex (2 years together) with a stranger on a festival in May. I still miss her of course, but the worst part is my guilt. I feel like the worst person ever to live on this earth. She doesn’t like to talk to me at all. I do have a habit of contacting her regularly, but I now have nearly a month since last I talked to her.
I feel dead inside, even more alone. I wonder does every person who has cheated feel the same type of guilt or is it just me?

And if so, does it pass?
Did you improve for your next relationship?
Or was it the same?
Last: what made you do it, and did you confess or get caught?


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  1. I confess for all I have done, but nothing improved. I still feel guilty and when I start a new relationship, it’s really hard to be honest. So, I stay single becuase I can talk to everyone at the same time without feeling guilt.

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