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I wish I had someone to talk to

I wish I had someone to talk to. I have someone whom I want to be my everything but I messed up. No, in did not do anything that will prove I am a bad person. I am not a bad person. There are some responsibilities that I have to take care of, and by doing so, I made someone really angry. I wish he had that courage to at least talk to me once. We have known each other for like what, twelve years and been for each other for like 6 and a half year. Still why don’t you know me. I wish we had understanding. I know the situation is not good. But if you have hope, kindness, smile and belief that things are going to be better, we can go through that just in the matter of time.

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  1. i can understand your mental state of being neglected, uncared, misunderstood.
    but don’t worry, in life such phases come and (let them) go. it’s better to move on as there is definitely somewhere better things in life are waiting for you. you can share your thoughts with me, if u require.

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