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What attracts a man to a woman?

Beauty is a phenomenon that distinguishes human beings from animals. The complicated aspect of the mysterious factor that causes desire, mostly in men, to quench an urge to strong to contain is yet to be understood by most people. What attracts a man to a woman? Is the simple question I long for its answer? Science will call it hormones or pheromones and religion could term it as ‘demons’. And in terms of conventional logic I think it’s undecipherable. It makes little or no sense.

You human beings are all unique in their thinking with very little similarity even amongst those considered to be a like. That is why I have learnt to respect the entity called personal opinion. And for those with default sharp retorts to anything said by an individual with conflicting interests, I urge you to please look at it from the person’s perspective, he could be right. So, I was trying to discern the above phenomenon. I still find it difficult to allocate it a single specific name.

In my own perspective as a person who holds religious beliefs I attribute it all to the power of GOD the highest. Those of whom are aware of the creation story would recall that by his word he commanded us to go ye and multiply. And that’s just the observation we would make when we observe the trends of this world from a given angle and focus. You see men trying to hold back their bodies from what they know is not right and their bodies relentlessly trying to obey the initial command. But that’s just a theory that I thought would be interesting to jot down.

It’s a mysterious concept that I think is hidden in our inaccessible part of the brain that we would probably know at an appointed time. The surging goes on as we become engrossed in our daily duties, swept off or feet by relivable experiences, brought to the point of regretting the purpose of our conception and innumerable encounters all in their varied vast renditions. And as we have occasionally heard “life moves on”


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