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I found a message on her phone from a guy thanking her for the NY kiss

So, I’ve been sucking a bit. Crazy because I know it was her loss. Here’s my story, I met her October 2015 and hit it off really good. 8 months into our relationship I moved in with her. She at the time had a night shift job and I a dayshift. She also had a 5-year-old daughter. She had picked up two more jobs that gave her 2 or 3 hours a day for 3 day out of the week in the mornings before her regular night shift at BB. At the time, I moved in she was supposed to get more hours in her other two day jobs which are in here degree to make up her night shift. She was supposed to quit the night shift. That didn’t happen because BB is retarded. So, I never spent time with her except Sat. So, I got the privilege to pick up her daughter after work every day from grandma and make sure she was fed and tucked in oh and a good night bed story every night. Long story short I was getting frustrated on my own. It wasn’t until Thanksgiving Day when she brought her baby’s daddy into our home after I had asked her not to. Also, after I insisted she told him he couldn’t stay there. Things built up for me and I broke up with her… for two days. She insisted and apologize and was really torn about it. I realized how much she loved me… or so I though. Things were okay till Christmas week. I left for Texas to visit family and came back home on New Year’s Eve. I spent NY alone at home while she was clubbing with sis. The next day I found a message on her phone from a guy thanking her for the NY kiss. That did it for me. I dumped her ass and moved out. A couple things that hurt me the most was that I gave time to her daughter like a real father should. I played with her and taught her manners which she was lacking when I first met her. I taught her how to put her shoes on instead of shoving a phone in her face to keep her occupied. She would ask me to be her dad from time to time. I also did everything for my ex like painted the house, a stupid pond she wanted and garden and fixed anything that went wrong around the house. I called in to work when she was sick to take care of her and her daughter. However, she said I never made her priority??? I called her out on the fact that I hated that her daughter would cry for her at nights when she was working. And on her days off she would go clubbing and leave daughter with her mom when I wasn’t around. I told her ” that I was raising her child along with her mom!” She said that was the worst thing I ever said to her. She accused me of being verbally abusive and lowering her self-esteem. I never cussed at her or called her name. All this happened before she cheated. I guess it hurts because it’s the closest I ever been to having my own family. And she ripped that from me. It was super hard to break up with her daughter. She hugged me when I told her I was moving away. This suck! It’s been 3 months now and it still hurts.

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