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I’ll show you how I can study physics

I don’t do physics. I just don’t study physics because I had other subjects to study. I don’t hate physics but I just don’t need it. So, I am dumb. Does not matter what other sciences and specialist math’s that I am studying, since I am not doing physics I am an idiot!

Now, that I the truth and I must accept it.

But you know, by saying that you have just provoked me. Now, I’ll show you how I can study physics. You don’t have to be enrolled in a subject to study it. I’ll from khan academy or Coursera or your untidy textbook. Just wait!

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  1. I like ur spirit. I think u need to excel in ur own interest. This world is so mean. If u study physics for ppl today then next tym u have to do much for them. They know how to tease others. Dont disturb urself for others.

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