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She was a simple, innocent and caring.

She was a simple, innocent, and caring girl in a world of chaos. She was not very ambitious. She found happiness in small things. She didn’t want much from life. Just a simple life was all she demanded. Never did she think evil of someone. She never uttered wrong for anyone. She was pure at heart, believed people for what they spoke. She believed people were as simple as she is. She tried to balance between her personal and professional life always prioritising family and people above her goals.

But, then life happened to her. She met a guy at an inappropriate age. She fell in love with him. She loved him more than she loved herself. She loved him madly, completely, insanely. Little did she know nothing is constant. She loved him with every breathe, he was her first wish in the morning, he was her last thought in the night. She only dreamed of him. Had planned her future with him. Prayed for him, his success, and his health. She tried to help him in whatever way she could for his future.

But she didn’t know this was not enough. People change faster than time. That there are liars, cheaters, and characterless people too. He didn’t value what she had to offer. He didn’t respect a girl who loved him so much. He also used to say, “I Love You” but I doubt he ever meant that.

Everything changed in a moment. His attraction towards another girl changed what she had for him.
Betrayed, heartbroken, shattered, destroyed, there she was with only tears in her eyes.

She stopped believing in love, didn’t know what would be enough for this world.
Then her soul faced a pain inexplicable. Her feelings for everyone on the earth were dead.
He left her completely broken for who knows which fault of hers.

She still wished good for him and his mistress.
She had no one to turn to. She didn’t know what to do. All she could do, was to cry the whole day. She was unable to uplift herself from this situation. She could see a dark future for herself.
But still she lived in some dark hope.

Her world broke her like anything. She felt as if someone is continuously hitting her heart with a knife.
She had no option left either. She had to accept her fate. She had rejected numerous prospective grooms for this guy and now her parents were unable to find one for her.
She had no choice but to be with this guy who didn’t care for her. From being hopelessly romantic to a dead heart, life happened to her.


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