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He was my dream

So, I have been with this guy like from mid-2015 and everything went in so perfectly. He was my dream, we spoke about our future and careers and how we wanted to relocate, and we spoke about kids.

So last year towards the end of the year I noticed on his WeChat status he started updating his status to a heart. When I asked who the heart was for he said for me which melted my heart. So, days went by and he told me how important I am and that I am the only one for him and he would never leave me, so I was so happy I got up the next morning to find out he has a new lover and he wants nothing to do with me.

By the way I am a dude and he is a dude. He left me for a girl who is a bitch who slept with dudes. I still want to be with him, I give him everything. We still hangout, whenever we go out I pay the bill, but he does not even touch me, the only time he touched me was when his girlfriend and him had broken up for a while, so he was like touching my face and my legs. He treats me so bad, he left me on the street. I buy him gifts gave, him my expensive clothing. He broke my heart on the day before I left on an overseas vacation. On Christmas day and New Year’s Eve, my birthday we did something that ruined the day and made me cry. Now I do not know what to do.

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