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My first sexual experience at 12

When I was twelve, I saw my first erection. It was my cousin. We went to visit them at their farm and stayed the weekend. My cousin Jason had just turned fifteen and we went exploring the woods on the other side of one of the fields that had corn growing in it.

They had a small pond there. We threw rocks waded in the water and were having a good time when all of a sudden Jason said I’m going swimming. He took off everything but his underpants and dove in. He said come on it feels good. I took off everything but my panties and went in too.

It was really weird because I didn’t think anything of it at the time because I didn’t know much about boys or sex. I had started to get my tits when I was eleven so by this time they were puffy and stuck out pretty far. Jason kept looking at them not saying anything. I told him I was going to get out, but he stayed in. He said he couldn’t come out because his privates hurt.

I kept saying we got to go and finally he came out and I saw his underwear was sticking out. He said he had to pee. He went over by a tree and pulled down his pants and started to move his arm. I asked to watch him pee because I never saw that before and he said no please don’t. I went over anyway and saw his dick sticking straight out. Jason said he was a different kind of pee boys do.

Jason ask if he could see my privates and, so I pull down my panties. He started moving his arm again but then I knew why it was doing that. He was going back and forth on his dick and he just kept staring at my body. About a minute later, he shot off all over the ground. It was so weird but hot. I had never seen anything like that before.

We put our clothes on and went back to the house. We never talked about it at all, but I can still see his dick shooting all that cum and I masturbate thinking about it to this day.


  1. I remember all the times I had one or more of my female cousins somewhere trying to get them to show me their privates or trying to get them to do something with my private parts. So many of them let me have sex with them.

  2. They didn’t explain having sex, only seeing one another. My first sex experience happened with a babysitter. I was about 7y/o and she was about 14y/o. At first she just rubbed up against me dressed then it advanced to underwear then naked. She was rubbing back and forth when it slipped in. We were both virgins and it scared us so we quit. She showed me how to use a condem so I pulled before I came just to be sure. The more we done it the longer I lasted and she taught me everything but anal. About the age of 19 I got to have a lesbian teach me the perfect way to lick and suck a clit and the labia. Many girls never had that done and enjoyed it. Thanks Barbie and Cheryl (Samantha)

  3. Yes I like to piss in front of women and often try to piss when I think I might be seen.. One time I saw a woman I had just met ( I was doing some pluming work for her) watching me piss and I asked her to hold it.. She came to where I was.. When I saw her watching me I pinched off my piss.. When she reached for my cock I let it go and she took hold of my cock and waved it around a little making me piss all over.. We ended up having sex that day after I finished working on her pluming..

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