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I feel like I’ve let my younger self down

Hi, for the past few years I’ve realized that the happiness I long to have is being pushed aside by my parents and their plan for my life. I’m 20 years old and I am still living under their roof, not for a lack of trying, but simply the authority they pressure upon me day in and day out. I’ve always shared a room with my sister and I’m okay with that, I’m not saying that I’m underprivileged or extremely poor.

But more recently my parents decided to get my sister and I a queen bed, to share. Again, I am almost twenty years old and sharing a bed with my younger sister is not what I imagined for myself as I rolled into my twenties. I feel like I’ve let my younger self down. All my dreams and aspirations are floating away and no matter how hard I try to do something with my life, it can never figure itself out.

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  1. Hi, talk to your parents. If you are like me when I was home and we would always get into a heated, yelling Argument. Then write it all done in a letter how you feel what you want. How it feels to share a bed at age of 20 with your sister. Even ask them to remember how it felt at there age if they had to share. Then give them the letter.

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