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I have always been rejected by everyone I love

My life is shit! I have always been rejected by everyone I love and want.

Every time I have loved or liked a guy they have always made me understand that I was unwanted.

I don’t understand why, I am never the one the girl that guys want, I am never the one that’s happy, I act like I’m fine but inside.

I’m hurting so much! And nobody sees it. I am just sick of being the second choice or the one that is the ugly duckling!

I’m sick of it. All I want is someone to love and to cherish me just once in my life.


  1. I have also been rejected by every girl I want in my life. Now I am completely tired of my life and I have reached a stage where I would be more than happy to be loved by any girl. By the way, wanna get together?

  2. I know I hate it I hate crushes I even hate the word crush i have a crush right now HE DONT WANT ME I HATE IT it makes you feel like ………

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