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Sex with a granny

Ok so this is a story about my sex with a granny.

So, I was at home watching tv with my 10-inch penis sticking out of my boxers. I hear a knock on my door. I put my penis in my boxers and put on my pants and opened the door. There ware 2 grannies’. one was a black bbw and one was a white bbw. They smoked all the time. I said can I help you. One says can we live with you? I say ok make yourself at home.

I tell you one thing, they were nude, and they both said at separate times don’t mind the pussys and breasts. They said we like being nude. I say ok that so great they both shoved me in to their massive boobs. I was sucking their tits. I was like shit this taste so great, and the black bbw granny says hey you mind licking my cunt. So, I put tongue up there.

After that I got out my big penis and the white bbw granny was actually a ssbbw she road me cow girl style we had sex every day. Day I had to buy about 10 packs of cigars a day, so it was pretty good. THE END. also, you men if you have a granny or mom tell her Jacob said good ass.


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    If you’re not going to take this seriously then get off.

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