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I have made men, and women, commit crimes without thought of consequence

I have been lying for a long time. I need to tell someone who I really am. I am 16 and a junior in high school. I actually skipped a grade so I’m even younger than the average junior.

One of my biggest insecurities has been how young I am. I began to compensate for this by lying about my age and using drugs. The lie- I am 17 and was born in 2000 (a year older) I have had sex with much older men and as the age of consent where I live is 17.

I have made men, and women, commit crimes without thought of consequence. I know in my heart the real me would be accepted by other people my age; I am just so deep in my lie that I feel I can never tell anyone because no one likes a liar.

I don’t know what to do anymore because I’ve begun to forget who I really am and what an aspire to be. I in fact am very smart and can go far in life but I’ve damaged my potential for acceptance in the world.



  1. I think you need to stop for a second and think about where, when and who made you feel not accepted, who didn’t give you enough attention when you needed it most?
    The behavior you have is of a little child who was not loved enough and there is nothing bad about that, yoy just need to take care of it.
    To lie is not so bad, really, as soon as you are strong and brave enough to admit it, of course.
    When you admit lying about sth, it even looks like an act of great bravery, so I encourage you to talk about it with someone who will never take advantage of your situation and can truly help you, like your parents. But you don’t really need to explain yourself to the men you have slept with, just say it’s over between you and the other person – I think you need some alone time, so you can figure yourself out.

  2. Hi, I want to let you know, this isn’t your fault. You went through a form of sexual assault. Just know that you did take steps to this, but it is not your fault and you will be okay. I understand what your going through and want you to know you don’t have to do this because you feel empty or alone or however you feel. You are a strong person, YOU can stop this and get help. If your not comfortable telling your parents get a counselor. You can get help and I promise you it will be a little scary at first but you will be okay. Although, lying about your age is a different story…. but you need help and you need to tell someone so you don’t have to live like this, you won’t feel bad once you get help.
    -hope your okay and best of luck

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