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Is it right if people think your alright?

Is it right if people think you’re all right? I use to think that but that is wrong it’s not right, people take one look at you and think you’re okay but there wrong you actually really sad let’s call it depressed but you just keep a smile on your face so you want seem sad. That’s how I feel.

People see as a person who is always smiling, but the truth is too hard to say or to look at their nothing that you hate more than a person saying you don’t get how it feels but you have been there or you know how they feel.

People say it’s okay or everything is going to be all right but it’s not going to be all right. Yeah, I’m in the 7th grade. I don’t feel depressed all. I feel is happiness but that not all true my dad want me to be this perfect little girl and play the sport he tell me to play, but I don’t want to play the sport he tell me to.

I try to tell him he just does not want to listen what wrong, or is it because I’m the last child. My mom and my dad say that I’m not trying hard enough but my grandma used to say you’re doing great or your better than your sisters and brothers, but I can’t tell if she was just trying to make me feel good or I was just that good.

When I was in the first grade, I used to get all A’s and B’s but that was the easiest grade in the book. I just, every time I past a grade the work just became harder and harder.

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  1. Listen Grades…school by the end of school none of that really matters.
    When I was in 7th Grade I really struggled, people don’t think young teenagers can have problems but they can.
    See a counsellor take a deep breath and tackle one problem at a time.
    In the end, just try your best at school.
    You don’t always need to get A’s and B’s when you finish school that stuff really doesn’t matter.
    Try your best at school for your own reasons.
    Also about the sport thing, I guess your parents are just trying to be supportive but they ended up as suffocating.
    Tell them to back off a little, you’re doing well at school.
    Develop as your own person.

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