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48 and my wife hasn’t had sex with me for 7 years

Hello, I’m 48 and have not had sex in seven years. I love the woman I’m with, but she no longer wants sex.

I don’t want to cheat, but all I can think about is sex.

It the mists of a midlife crises which makes the situation worse. Is there a way to suppress sexual desires?



  1. Tell her.
    Sex…won’t be worth it.
    Trust me, you will wake up with countless women and turn to your side in the morning and see they’re not their.
    Trust and love is the only real thing worth it.
    In the end biological needs might just…make you wind up alone.

  2. My partner is similar to yours but has back issues. I’m quite sexual n easily aroused but rarely have sex. I masturbate 4-5 times a week and my intense desire to fuck her calms down and I feel less agitated. Try wanking every morning to calm yourself.

  3. So my comment was spammy, was it?
    It was honest, true, and genuine.
    So fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

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