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I’m a teen and had been going through this mental torture since I was a child

You know how it is like being a victim of emotional abuse. I’m a teen and had been going through this mental torture since I was a child. It hurts a lot. Sometimes it gets so hard to carry on.

I feel like quitting many times. Every time I feel like it is enough and I’m not going to live like this anymore my sibling’s face appears, and I know that he can’t carry on without me.

He is totally dependent on me. My father has been emotionally abusing me. I don’t know whether he loves, or he wants me or not. I feel like a burden to my father. This is the first time I’m speaking of this abuse and that too anonymously. It is really hard to carry on when you don’t have a good circle. when you don’t have supporting people in your life it gets really hard to be positive. It is consuming. It hurts bad.

Every time I want to tell my father of my situation he makes me feel guilty. Even if he has committed any mistake he has the habit to turn it on to others. It sucks. Sometimes I feel like running away but I’ve no place to go no money no job.

I’ve to take the responsibility of my sibling. I just can’t run away. I hope to see myself in a better tomorrow and finally get rid of this mental torture. I’ve nightmares that my father is beating me. I won’t say that he is a bad person, but he fails to understand other people. He thinks himself to be superior and those people who never think what they are doing is wrong are the dangerous one. I don’t know if all this will ever end. If I will ever be living a good life or not.

It hurts, it hurts bad.

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