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I don’t know maybe I will never know…

I’ve come to the point of life where all I want to do is kill myself but I can’t because I don’t want to leave my parents in pain and agony. I haven’t accomplished anything in life. I’m nothing but a loser with deep mental issues. Maybe death will solve all my problems. I don’t know maybe I will never know..


  1. I can feel it.The way you are feeling right now.Its hard to get over it

  2. Don’t do it like killing yourself… What will happen with your soul after that.. it’s a crime…

  3. I am going through the same…. Too can understand.
    Wanna die but some promises stop me from that…..?????

  4. I hope you never try to find out if death solves your problems. And even more so, I hope you learn to live for you too. Not just your parents.

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