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I’m only sixteen and I hate my life already

I’m only sixteen and I hate my life already. I am always zoning out thinking about my ex that I was with for 2 years and my dad who use to beat me and my mum who wants to build our relationship back together after 4 years, but he is still the same and while he was talking to me, all I had was flash backs of when I would do something wrong.

He would get mad and just start beating me like closed fists. I’m always talking to someone in my head if that makes any sense. I have a few friends but I don’t like talking to people. I’m always getting angry and sometimes I feel like a voice is telling me to start a fight with anyone I see I just hate it I don’t know what to do. I can barely sleep. I’m always having nightmares about my dad and sometimes ill dream about my ex which never really lets me sleep because I am always waking up screaming and sweating.

What should I do???!! I am too lost

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  1. I think the best thing you could do is talk to someone about this because it will destroy you inside if you keep all of this to yourself. You deserve the WORLD. You are amazing. Don’t forget that. Always stay true and loyal to yourself. God wants you to be happy, and He loves you. It sounds cheesy, but I promise that it is true.

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