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Is it so bad if we love someone and want him in our life

It’s been very difficult sometimes to overcome certain situations in your life. Same is happening to me. It’s been 6 months I have lost my mother. It’s like everything was so good and happy when she is here with us.

Looking like with her my all happiness and relations also lost. Is it so bad if we love someone and want him in our life and want to spend our life with him? Why is it difficult for our parents and this society to understand this simple thing and love is not that we do by own.

It just happened while we don’t know and fall in love. How and when someone being so special to us and be part of our life we also don’t get to know. After my mother my father he is not understanding all this and just because he thinks that if I’ll get marry in other cast, he will lose his respect in society, no one will talk to me. He will not be able to face people and all his relatives will disrespect him. Yes. Finally, I have accepted the situations and accepted this fact that it’s not possible to me to be with my love. But all drama and scenes that happened, all that words which they said to me I’m not able to forget all.

Whenever I tried to overcome all situations something has happened, and I lost again. There is all sadness right now in life and I’m not able to forget all this and not able to move on in life. I can’t forget my love. Don’t know what life all is and what will happen next.

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