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I woke up to him sexually touching me and taking off my clothes

I just read a stupid tumbler post and it said “I wish parents would let boys and girl have sleepovers and hang out together because I do not want his dick in me I just want to hang out with him and throw game pieces at him when I lose” I agree with this because I would also like a friend like that. Except I had a friend and my mom let us hang out together and have sleepovers and everything and one night I trusted him so much during a sleepover that I actually let him stay in my bed and fell asleep beside because I did not want to wake him up and kick him out. Later though I woke up to him sexually touching me and taking off my clothes all while he thought I was asleep, and he eventually found guilty of sexually assaulting me and that’s why I think that parents should put a little more worry on this stuff.



  1. The male brain is wired for sex. He probably wanted a friendship too, but when he saw and touched your holes, all bets were off

  2. Play like your sound asleep and let him have sex with you. I let my brother have sex with me because I really like the way sex feels even if it’s from my brother it still feels good

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