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At about 15 and tried to kill myself by taking a lot of pills

I’ve had a pretty shitty life so far, first traumatic thing was my cousin dying when we were both 10, he had an operation on his brain.

When I was 13/14 my uncle was found dead in his house after hanging himself and I refused to go to the funeral. I had a very bad bout of depression at about 15 and tried to kill myself by taking a lot of pills, luckily I did not take enough was never caught I just made myself ill in bed for 2 days.

When I was 16 my parents split up after a fight I had with my mum. A couple of weeks later my mum tried to commit suicide and I found her and had to keep her conscious while my dad was on his way home to take her to the hospital.

A few days later a guy I told about my mum invited me up to his I lost my virginity to him then he told everyone about it and it caused me a lot of problems throughout school.

I ended up having sex with a couple of other boys not long after. Then at new year I was raped by a boy while I was unconscious, same thing happened the following Halloween and the following December.

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