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Moral of the story if you are a real friend you will…

Friends: Hello friends I like to say the story upon friends feeling and friends there was a one party friends called three girls but not one they think that she has no money so we will not call her but the three gone for enjoyment and they enjoyed the party on the next day they met their friend who was not having money so these three friends showed her pics and they enjoyed a lot they said and then her friend says to her you did not even call me why so the friends answered you will not come because you will have no money that party belongs to high matured girls and boys so you are not one of them.

Conclusion: Moral of the story if you are a real friend you will never ever leave you friends hand whatever the problem stands we are ready to face that is called friendship so try to make friends who never seen this beauty of the world and you friendship will never end but if you make a rich person today or few days he will forget but the one who has nothing he will never ever forget you friendship. Thanks


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