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I’ve been gay since I was young

I’ve been gay since I was young. My cousin who was a few years older then me was the one to get me into being gay and having sex with guys.

You see  I use to have a wetting problem and I wore diapers back then. I’d go to my cousins house after school a lot and my aunt would have diapers for me to wear. If I peed, my cousin would help me get changed, it was during one of the times he was changing and wiping me down he pulled his penis out and let me hold him. His penis got hard and he had me put my mouth on him.

He did this like three or four times a week, I didn’t mind cause he was always telling his mom my aunt he would help me change and stuff.

This progressed I’d suck him till he would shoot the white stuff in my mouth, it was OK.

I’d go over on weekends also since they lived across the street from us, it was on one weekend we were playing in his tree fort, he got me naked and then he got naked. His penis was erect as usual, I figured he wanted me to suck him.

But he said No , he said he wanted to stick his penis in my butt hole, I said OK.

He had me lie on my back as he spread my legs feet in the air , he used some kind of slippery stuff on my hole and his penis, when he pushed his penis in me it hurt some.

He said it felt good, I don’t know how long it took till he held me tight and shoved in me. I felt his penis pulsing like when he’d shoot his stuff in my mouth.

Well this went on for about 6 or so months till my family moved, I found another guy my age who we became friends, as it turned out he liked sucking and doing the anal sex, so we began doing it all with each other.


  1. We were 12 at the time… looked very much like twin brothers. Both of us just slightly chubby. At first it kind of turned into a contest. We would wrestle naked in the tree fort pinning each other dick to dick… we were pretty much the same size and it became a struggle between us to see who would be dominant. One time we just started grinding dick to dick and we both cummed at the exact same time – was magical. As we were grinding our hand were locked together very tight as if we were fighting … we even butted heads a couple of times but not hard – was for fun and we laughed. After we finished we must have kissed for like 20 mins straight.

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