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My 10 year old sister jerked me off

My little sister is so hot. I am seventeen my sister is ten. I was home alone when my sister gets dropped off by her friend and her mom. I cant hear her come in because I am jerking off in my bedroom with headphones.

She walks into my room while I am holding in my hand my eleven inch cock. She is wearing a skimpy skirt and a crop top her tits are developing nicely. She does not hesitate to walk up and start jerking me off it was unbelievable later I nutted and we fucked and she wants more dick tomorrow.

Should I give it to her comment below?


  1. Before you post your sick fantasies that are obviously the furthest thing from reality. You should invest some time and effort to learning how to correctly write the english language. Pay close attention to the cadence and syntax of someone who writes it well. As you are without doubt, desperately in need of some corrective instruction. Also, Nothing about a ten year old child is sexy you sick pervert rapist. I sincerely hope you contract the hiv virus while being raped in prison. Or by your sheep fucking father.

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