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Instagram Stalking an 8 Year Old

Hey there! I’m Jasmine. Today I want to tell you the story of how i stupidly got a Instagram account at the age of 8 and fully regretted it. It all started as a normal school day, People were fine, I was fine. And it was really just. An ordinary day of life. But after school. I was feeling.

Curious. And today I cant even believe how stupid this was. I decided to download Instagram, I wanted to be famous because I was always that one lonely kid in the class who was ALWAYS bullied because of looks. And when I made my first post.

Everything was normal. I had a couple of followers. Happily I went to school and it was all normal. A couple posts later. I had this one ‘fan’. He looked about 69 but I shrugged it off thinking that he just wanted to like pictures because he could then get followers. Of course i stupidly followed him back. But then.

That’s where he started texting me. But not in a normal way. He told me to marry him even though I told him I was 8.At this point I started getting even more uncomfortable.

He started showing me side pics of his chest. It was so ..Weird. So I told him i was calling the police on him and made a video telling people about what he was doing. And the next day of school.. Nobody spoke about it. But at the near end of school. I was called into one of the teacher’s offices. And when I went there I saw police.

I freaked out also seeing my mother AND her friend! The police told me what happened. And as soon as i heard them say that i blurted out the whole story. Then they said I was brave to tell the people online about what he did to me.

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