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I was surrounded by addicts and alcoholics

May of two thousand and twenty twenty, I had my first encounter with marijuana. I was at a senior sunset with my two best friends and one of their sisters.

The sister was thirteen and in seventh grade and she had a wax pen. I was so proud of myself for everything that I accomplished that school year that I decided to venture out and have a hit of her wax pen.

One thing led to another and I was six hits in, and I was high. I loved the feeling I had and that was the start of my addiction.

A couple weeks later, I started hitting a bong with her and some of our guy friends. My parents were sending me to rehab in June for mental health reasons, so I has to stop smoking for a little bit.

When I was in rehab, I was surrounded by addicts and alcoholics and that really idolized drugs even more for me. When I got out in July, I went back to smoking weed and ended up choosing drugs over my family.

I was homeless for a couple weeks and while I was homeless, I was still smoking. I would show up to work high, get high at least twice a day and post it every where. I was so caught up in drugs that it almost ruined my life. I was on five different medications for mental health, I had adderall for my adhd, and I was so desperate for money that I almost starting selling it to get extra cash.

I stopped all my medications and went cold turkey, which you aren’t supposed to do because it can cause major damage, I was stealing from stores because I couldn’t afford anything, I was driving in the car with friends high as all get out, going at least a hundred and needless to say I should have been in jail or in my grave by now but I am not.

That means there is hope for you too. I decided I did not want to live my life that way anymore, I wanted to see my fourteen year old sister, I wanted long term happiness. So, I decided to stop doing drugs, stealing, and doing dangerous, life threatening activities. It is by the grace of God I am still here and I could not be more thankful for that.

My story is here to help you and acknowledge that anything is possible with the almighty God. It’s not always going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

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