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I am Grey. I am a non-binary human who

I am Grey.

I am a non-binary human who goes by they/them.

I remember staying up, night after night. Day after day.

Just questioning myself. At the time I only knew of trans-female and trans-male. I felt like I wasn’t a boy or a girl. I was mad at myself, thinking it was my fault I felt this way.

Then I found out about “Non-binary” and I knew my place.

I searched for pronouns and soon I had whittled it down to ze/ hir or they/them.

I decided they/them fit who I am but my birth name is Sophia, very feminine.

So I had to find a new name, Since I am an artist one day I was painting mountains.
They grays and neutral colors caught my eye, As I slept I thought about gray.

And then it hit me, what if I spelled it like, “Grey” and It sounds like a name!
I knew who I was.

A NOTE TO NON-BINARY PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE A “NEW NAME” YET – You can find it, something as simple as painting made me find mine, just give yourself time.

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